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Working hours?
Our offices are open from 8 am till 5:30 pm, local time.
How do I apply for an offer?
Use the inquiry form on our website and receive a free offer without further obligations or call us:
What do you need to know before you order your windscreen?
- Brand, type and year of the motorhome.
- All data given on the windscreen such as manufacturer, 43R- no., etc.
- Height and width of the windscreen.
How should I measure the windscreen?
Always measure as indicated below.

How can I order?
- Call us: and our customer service shall take your order, from 8 am to 5:30 pm, local time
- Fax us: +32 (0)57 21 89 95 or e-mail us:
- Send us the inquiry form on our website.
Do you have a catalogue?
We only have an online catalogue, click here
Which rubber profiles and windscreens do you have in stock?
For the most common windscreens we have the rubbers or profiles in stock, if requested they can be delivered at an extra cost.


What is the delivery term?
Normally the windscreen is shipped the day after we received your order, a normal delivery term is approximately one week.
Why do I need to check the windscreen upon delivery ?
It is very important to check the packing and the windscreen to see if they are not damaged. A full check is required before signing the delivery form of the conveyor, to sign for good receipt implies that you agree with the delivery. We are no longer able to take further steps and claims if no remarks were written on the delivery form by the customer. If upon delivery the packing or windscreen is damaged, do not sign the delivery form, but mention the damage on the delivery form and notify us thereof as soon as possible. We will then contact the transport agency at once and send you a new windscreen as soon as possible.

Technical Support

I have troubles assembling the windscreen. Could you give me some tips ?
Our technical support service helps you with the most occurring problems. Contact: by phone , fax +32 (0)57 21 89 95 or e-mail
Where did you get your technical knowledge and experience from ?
Our technical staff has over 20 years of experience in assembling windows in busses, trains and motorhomes. Internal training guarantees the best quality of the assemblies done.
What is the difference between a windscreen assembled with rubber and a bonded windscreen ?
A rubber assembly is fixed in the opening of the body where the windscreen has to go. The rubber holds the windscreen into the body. In case of a glued assembly PU or polymer glue is used to attach the windscreen on the body. Finally, a trim is applied to finish off the windscreen and the body. This trim has merely aesthetic purposes and has no function whatsoever for the waterproofness of the windscreen.

Customer Service

Can you help me with the settlement of my invoice for insurance purposes ?
Certainly. Our detailed invoicing system combined with the accident report as well as with our very competitive prices lead to our company being acknowledged as qualified repairer for most insurance companies. All prices are given in detail on the invoices: windscreen, window rubber, fixing materials, sealing material and the assembly. We fully settle your case administratively without further expenses to your account.
What guarantee do you give ?
Very rarely, windscreens can develop tension cracks after instalment. A tension crack is not an impact or a crack caused by external factors but by the torsion of the body of mostly older vehicles. We check and evaluate these cracks per case. For further questions regarding our guarantee, please contact us.
What safety standards do your windscreens meet ?
All our windscreens are certified with the 43R- standards and thus meet the strictest European safety regulations.